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Tabitha Baker.jpgWelcome to Musings of a Mario Minion, a space for serious play.

My name is Tabitha Baker and I write, to not only bring you need to know video game news but to also delve deeper into these news stories and consider the industry as a whole. A driving artistic and sociological force in the 21st century, the video game industry is becoming an invaluable school of theoretical and practical thought. Here, we devote our days to considering  PS4, Xbox One, PC, VR, and Mobile titles through critical thought and industry analysis.

We are players who think, but also thinkers who play so you can find a wealth of how t0 guides, game tips and tricks, and video game reviews on the site for a bit of a brain break.

Looking for behind the scenes video game developer interviews? We have those too, as well as a vast repertoire of retro video game history posts. In providing not only the most recent video game news stories, but detailed analysis alongside each development, I believe we can bring the discussion of video games to the forefront of cultural studies.

Twitter: @MusingsTwit.

Got a new game coming out? Want to talk about your new project? Just want to tell me your favourite colour? Shoot me an email here:




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