Injustice 2 And Power Through Destruction

Injustice 2 has just landed and the NetherRealm sequel to Gods Among Us has wowed audiences with its photorealism and fighting mechanics. The series is based on the characters of classic comic books, with superheroes facing off against enemies in the streets in an attempt to restore justice and order to society. Naturally, then, a few things are... Continue Reading →

6 Best Video Game Boss Battles

I have a perpetual love / hate relationship with the boss battle. I relish the feeling of finally breaking down a seemingly insurmountable obstacle to its finest points and methodically working through it to victory. At the same time, if i'm really enjoying the everyday play of a title I'm often faltered in my tracks... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Games For Beginners

If you're looking to get into video games then good for you, a whole world of entertainment is ready and waiting for you. If you're looking for games to introduce someone else to gaming, then good luck in your quest and you can check out our full guide to getting your partner into gaming right... Continue Reading →

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