Review – Furi (PS4)

What Furi thrives on is the refreshing design of all its characters, and emphasis on skill of the player over arbitrary 'skill' of the protagonist You've just ninja-d out of prison thanks to a pal dressed as an angry pink bunny and now you have to fight your way through waves of bizarre prisoners and jailers... just another... Continue Reading →

Review – Life Goes On: Done To Death

With a cutesy art style that juxtaposes its brutally heartless gameplay mechanic, Life Goes On: Done To Death explores everything the name suggests. Survival is pretty hardwired into the human brain, nearly (if not everything in some form or another) we do is geared toward this evolutionary need to just keep going. So playing Life Goes On:... Continue Reading →

Ecotone Review

Taking place between these two biological communities then, the character's search for his own identity becomes particularly poignant. It's a search for identity through opposites - if I am not that, then what am I. What makes you, you? Aside from the cellular make up of your physical body. The puzzle platformer has been around... Continue Reading →

Review – King’s Quest: Once Upon A Climb

Taking genre conventions and contorting them into significant 21st century cultural products is what King's Quest is achieving, and achieving most poignantly with Once Upon A Climb.  The third chapter of The Odd Gentlemen's episodic reimagining of classic adventure tale King's Quest glides nicely into place after the storm of Chapter 2. While the previous episode stumbled slightly after the... Continue Reading →

Review – Stories: The Path of Destinies

The decision branch is a gameplay mechanic that saw mainstream success in Telltale and then several lacklustre attempts. Thankfully, Stories: The Path of Destinies takes the decision branch mechanic and drills it deeper, rather than wider. Instead of attempting a scope too vast and in reality delivering players with a surface experience where every decision will ultimately reap... Continue Reading →

Samorost 3 Review

If the first two Samorost titles were the rocks holding the series together, the third is the diamond they've created. Indie Czech developer Amanita Design has advanced the quality of its series immeasurably with the release of the third instalment on Steam. With a mesmerising art style, hauntingly beautiful soundtrack, and a relaxed but empowering gameplay system,... Continue Reading →

Arcade Block February 2016 Review

Despite receiving February's Arcade Block a fair way into March, I have yet to be disappointed with a month's haul and was still pretty excited to dig in when it turned up. Sonic The Hedgehog Double Walled Cup Perhaps one of the biggest items i've received in these mystery boxes, the Sonic cup was the... Continue Reading →

Geek Fuel February 2016 Review

Subscription boxes. I love them. I love watching other people love them. I love waiting for them. I love tracking their fedex progress. But mostly, I love opening them, and then telling you lot all about them. I've dabbled in Arcade Block, Loot Crate, and 1Up Box but this month I went with Geek Fuel... Continue Reading →

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