3 Things We Want To See From The Firewatch Movie

The Hollywood Reporter recently revealed that Campos Santos, the development studio behind 2016's indie smash hit Firewatch, have teamed up with indie production company Good Universe to create a movie adaptation. The two teams seem to have found common creative ground in their projects, with Campos Santos co-founder Sean Vanaman describing how "when we met Good Universe... Continue Reading →

Slender Devs Announce Valley

Blue Isle, the devs behind the viral PC game Slender: The Arrival have announced their next title. A first person adventure taking place in a mystical and secluded natural arena, Valley will see players don the L.E.A.F suit to attain superhuman abilities in their exploration. The suit boasts improved speed and agility as well as the... Continue Reading →

Review – Stories: The Path of Destinies

The decision branch is a gameplay mechanic that saw mainstream success in Telltale and then several lacklustre attempts. Thankfully, Stories: The Path of Destinies takes the decision branch mechanic and drills it deeper, rather than wider. Instead of attempting a scope too vast and in reality delivering players with a surface experience where every decision will ultimately reap... Continue Reading →

Indie VR Spotlight: SIX: Chapter One

Indie developers have been looking at virtual reality through the lens of the horror adventure for a long time now. However new guys on the block, LVL1 Games look set to bring an A-Grade title to the market in their debut title SIX: Chapter One. It's clear that the team knows they're in a competitive field of... Continue Reading →

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