5 Video Game Consoles You Never Knew Existed

The last three decades of the 20th century were a hard time if you weren't Nintendo, Sony, Sega, or Atari. While the monster consoles dominated the market, several young hopefuls tried their hand in the console arena and were crushed under the weight of their competition. Panasonic M2 It was pretty ballsy to advertise your... Continue Reading →

Tables Turning on Sony?

Sony's PlayStation 4 has been dominating the console market since their shaming of Microsoft's Xbox One at E3 2013. While Microsoft were humiliated for their money-grabbing, anti-consumer initial Xbox One ideas, Sony were praised for their classically simple system that just did good games well. The announcement of the PS4K, or Neo, has quickly shattered that... Continue Reading →

Why Do Console Wars Exist?

Take a stroll through any Twitter street or Reddit alley, and you will eventually come across two gangs facing off, one side holding their DualShock 4s and another their Xbox One Wireless controllers. This is the ever constant, ever heated arena of the console war - a global gaming tradition ageing back to the days of Nintendo... Continue Reading →

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