Warning: Are You Wise To These Common Beta Scams?

So dates for the¬†Battlefield 1¬†beta and release have been confirmed by the studio. You've got August 31st stamped onto your calendar for some open multiplayer action and somewhere between October 13th and 21st for the full release. But it's not all big guns and merriment, because beta scamming is becoming a tidy business internationally, with... Continue Reading →

Pre-Order Razer’s OSVR HDK2 Devkit Now

At E3 this year, Razer announced their upgrade on a previous VR headset development kit. The OSVR HDK2 is now available for preorder at $399, substantially less than its market competitors Oculus and HTC which stand at $599 and $799 respectively. The upgraded set brings with it a higher resolution display, 90 Hz refresh rate,... Continue Reading →

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