Doom Multiplayer Modes Revealed

All six multiplayer modes for upcoming first person shooter Doom revamp have been announced today alongside footage showing them off. Possibly one of the most interesting modes announced today is Soul Harvest in which players take out their friends and are then tasked with collecting their souls. Also showed off in the video is Freeze Tag, a... Continue Reading →

Doom Closed Beta Dates Announced

A new Doom multiplayer trailer was given unto us today, alongside some pretty important dates if you pre-ordered Wolfenstein: The New Order.  The game's closed beta has been announced, however only those who preordered Bethesda's Nazi killing alternative-history extravaganza Wolfenstein: The New Order. From March 31st to April 3rd, those who are eligible will be able to play through... Continue Reading →

Doom Cover Art Up For Debate

Leading up to its May 13th release date, id Software and Bethesda are asking you the people what you want from Doom's cover art. In tweets on the main Doom Twitter, developers provided fans with the two working covers they have procured so far, and put it to the masses to help them decide which one to... Continue Reading →

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