Pre-Order Razer’s OSVR HDK2 Devkit Now

At E3 this year, Razer announced their upgrade on a previous VR headset development kit. The OSVR HDK2 is now available for preorder at $399, substantially less than its market competitors Oculus and HTC which stand at $599 and $799 respectively. The upgraded set brings with it a higher resolution display, 90 Hz refresh rate,... Continue Reading →

Nintendo Speak Up About VR Research

While Microsoft have stayed relatively quiet on the topic on virtual reality when compared to the PC market and Sony, they still have the HoloLens on the horizon and a new console to support the technology. Nintendo however, have been completely silent on their management of the VR revolution. It's not uncharacteristic, the only thing... Continue Reading →

Pre-E3 Show To Reveal New Deus Ex Projects

Mankind Divided is set for release this August, however Square Enix and Eidos have just announced that they are hosting a pre-E3 event to display some more upcoming Deus Ex projects. What we're probably looking at here is a spin off title, or series. The likelihood of another full release being ready to show off before the previous... Continue Reading →

Ready At Dawn Announce New Game Next Week 

Ready At Dawn were one of the first developers to sign with Gamestop's new publishing company GameTrust. Since the hype surrounding their last release, The Order: 1886, fell horrifically flat on day one the devs have been hard at work on their phoenix project.  The news was broken by Tony Bartel, GameStop COO however we... Continue Reading →

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