Ready At Dawn Announce New Game Next Week 

Ready At Dawn were one of the first developers to sign with Gamestop's new publishing company GameTrust. Since the hype surrounding their last release, The Order: 1886, fell horrifically flat on day one the devs have been hard at work on their phoenix project.  The news was broken by Tony Bartel, GameStop COO however we... Continue Reading →

How Can Capcom Come Back From Resident Evil 6?

Rumours are circulating that Capcom's Resident Evil 7 will be revealed at E3 this year, stemming from a Tokyo-based analyst. However many are receiving the news with a snarky cynicism. It's been four years since the survival horror series suffered the dismal release of its most recent instalment Resident Evil 6. The title was slated as a cookie-cutter release,... Continue Reading →

Ubisoft’s E3 A Step Forward For AAA VR?

Ubisoft recently held a conference call for investors and analysts, in which the company's approach to virtual reality was detailed by CEO Yves Guillemot. It's become apparent then, that Ubisoft plan to release a handful of games this year for virtual reality headsets, including a "surprise" announcement at E3. During the announcement, Ubisoft also praised Sony's... Continue Reading →

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