Five Nights at Freddy’s Coming To Consoles

In a post on Steam, FNaF creator Scott Cawthorn recently announced that his famed PC title will be making its way to consoles, though probably not for a while. The indie survival horror franchise was met with great critical acclaim, especially with its uptake by notable YouTube gamers. Since then, it's spawned a number of... Continue Reading →

Weekly Review! 29/01

The week's video game happenings and announcements summed up in one helpful list, never be out of the loop again! Monday 25th January - FNaF World Pulled from Steam  Scott Cawthorn's week didn't kick off too well when we pulled FNaF World, an RPG spinoff of the viral Five Nights at Freddy's saga, from Steam. It seems that the 'Very Positive'... Continue Reading →

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