Indie VR Spotlight: Polyphonia

Fresh off the podium at London's VR Indie Pitch, Polyphonia represents a new kind of VR experience that welcomes any player with any skill set. Coming in first was no surprise for this innovative musical experience, what does come as a surprise however is its lone student developer. The experience places you in an outlandish new world,... Continue Reading →

Indie VR Spotlight: Ashigaru

We have fallen into the habit recently of featuring indie VR titles already out for early access or full releases on Steam. Ashigaru is a game still in its early stages, but it just looks so damn exciting we thought we should share it with you guys so you can keep tabs on it. JaudaLabs is a... Continue Reading →

Indie VR Spotlight: Kept

We've noticed a bit of a trend in the last few Indie VR Spotlight posts, The Gallery and CTRL were featured over the last few weeks. A narrative focus is emerging on the horizon of virtual reality development, particularly the titles being published by independent developers. Kept is no different, and is perhaps the pinnacle of such story focus in VR.... Continue Reading →

Is Half-Life VR On The Horizon?

A recent piece of code has been unearthed hiding in the DOTA 2 and Destinations updates. The Valve virtual reality app designed to complement the umbrella company's Steam VR escapades, was updated a couple of weeks ago and holds within it specific lines of code relating to a project suspiciously called HL:VR.  See Also: "Everything We Know About Left 4... Continue Reading →

Indie VR Spotlight: The Gallery

The Gallery has been built for VR, with an active first episode released on Steam already on Vive and an Oculus version arriving soon. Advertised as a deep mystery narrative with an eclectic mix of characters, The Gallery has been built with 80s fantasy in mind. It will see players through its winding narrative using full room scale... Continue Reading →

Pre-Order Razer’s OSVR HDK2 Devkit Now

At E3 this year, Razer announced their upgrade on a previous VR headset development kit. The OSVR HDK2 is now available for preorder at $399, substantially less than its market competitors Oculus and HTC which stand at $599 and $799 respectively. The upgraded set brings with it a higher resolution display, 90 Hz refresh rate,... Continue Reading →

Indie VR Spotlight: Waltz of the Wizard

It's our first free to play title on Indie VR Spotlight, and it's hit some phenomenal reviews since its release for the HTC Vive on May 31st. Waltz of the Wizard promises to show you exactly what it feels like to have magical powers in this playfully open experience. Developer and publisher Aldin Dynamics have been working... Continue Reading →

Indie VR Spotlight: Alice VR

Taking inspiration from the weird and warped world of Alice in Wonderland, Alice VR seeks to place players in a totally new environment and watch as they explore its idiosyncrasies and magic. Described as an “interactive sci-fi journey exploring the power of virtual reality”, the title has been greenlit on Steam and comes from Polish... Continue Reading →

Indie VR Spotlight: HoloBall

In a tribute to the industry defining Pong, HoloBall brings the ping-pong action into the 21st century with their virtual reality reimagining of the classic. It's only been on Steam for a few days, however the small title created by developers TreeFortress has taken the Vive audience by storm. With stunningly positive feedback on a title that was in... Continue Reading →

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