Microsoft HoloLens Comes To UK

Pre-Orders are now open for UK developers and companies to get their hands on Microsoft's augmented / mixed reality HoloLens headset. Microsoft recently announced that the HoloLens was travelling to 6 new countries including the UK, after being available in the US since March. Since its US release, companies as big as NASA have been... Continue Reading →

Weekly Review! (11/12)

The week's video game happenings and announcements summed up in one helpful list, never be out of the loop again! Saturday 5th December - Sony PSX 2015 Keynote Sony have truly covered their bases with their PSX 2015 Keynote which took place on Saturday. Showing off their plans for 2016, experiences range from the new... Continue Reading →

Microsoft HoloLens in Space: Take 2

It is now apparent that when the SpaceX rocket carrying two Microsoft HoloLens headsets exploded minutes after take off back in June, project manager Jeff Norris wasn't having any of it. Orbital Sciences, the aerospace company tasked with supplying those aboard the space station with the next-gen headgear, have certified the items for another launch... Continue Reading →

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