Xbox Daily Show Information for E3 2016

As the slew of E3 information slowly begins to flow into newsrooms ahead of the event next month, Xbox have released an announcement this morning detailing times for their E3 presentation this year. The Xbox E3 2016 Briefing will take place Monday June 13th at 9.30am PT. Those at home will be able to view... Continue Reading →

Tables Turning on Sony?

Sony's PlayStation 4 has been dominating the console market since their shaming of Microsoft's Xbox One at E3 2013. While Microsoft were humiliated for their money-grabbing, anti-consumer initial Xbox One ideas, Sony were praised for their classically simple system that just did good games well. The announcement of the PS4K, or Neo, has quickly shattered that... Continue Reading →

The Division Pre-Loading and Server Times

Ahead of The Division's launch next week, Microsoft have released new information on when you can go ahead and pre-load the game, as well as when servers will be open. Pre-Loading Dates: Xbox One: TODAY! Yay you. Steam and Uplay PC: Thursday March 3rd PS4: March 6th Servers will be fired up at 00.01AM Australian... Continue Reading →

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