Do No Man’s Sky’s New Trailers Need To Change?

I'm having my obligatory British cup of tea in the morning and browsing through YouTube's offerings for the day when No Man's Sky's new trailer pops up. The landscape of the procedurally generated inter-galactic exploration game has changed dramatically in the year since its muted release, and yet you wouldn't have guessed it from the drab montage of panning shots I was faced with.

5 Times Marketing Killed The Video Game

Making video games is a gamble. Billions of dollars and hours are plunged into the video game industry every year, and that's just the development. So after you've spent these precious resources crafting the perfect game you're going to want to tell people about it so they actually buy it. Unfortunately though, too often this... Continue Reading →

Cryptic Hello Games Tweets Blamed On Hack

Those who follow No Man's Sky developers Hello Games on Twitter may have been left confused this morning after the company apparently told the masses that "No Man's Sky was a mistake". The tweet was quickly removed from the timeline and the account placed on lockdown after the 16-man studio became aware of the slip. Though some... Continue Reading →

No Man’s Sky: Be Wary of Black Holes

As more and more of the No Man's Sky universe is being uncovered, players are beginning to come across black holes. These warps throw you lightyears closer to the centre of the universe, and are a great trick for rapid progression through the game. They also look pretty cool too. However be wary. If you have previous... Continue Reading →

No Man’s Sky Has Gone Gold

Umm guys... it's happened.  After a severely delayed release, lawsuit from Sky, and an award for Most Anticipated Game from Amazon, indie marketing phenomenon No Man's Sky has finally gone deliciously gold. Fans who have had their hopes dashed at every gear up to the temporary release dates are celebrating just as much as the devs, who posted... Continue Reading →

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