Opinion: Is PS4K A Ploy To Sell TVs?

  I read an article on Forbes this morning asserting the notion that the upcoming PS4 console, PS4K (or NEO), is in development to help Sony out with their television division. I saw the headline, disregarded it as a conspiracy theory, but read on nevertheless. In light of the recent leakage of PS4K specs and... Continue Reading →

Sony’s Next Step in the VR World

It's not set in stone, and patents don't always lead to products, but a recent patent application has revealed Sony's plans to expand its virtual reality arsenal. Sony have envisioned a VR glove not too far removed from the fated Nintendo PowerGlove. While the existence of such a product cannot be confirmed at this time,... Continue Reading →

Gaming Gift Ideas 2015!

Love video game apparel or just love those who do? Have a browse of what the internet in 2015 has to offer you. A compilation of the web's most intriguing, and available, gaming gifts in a price range to suit any post-Steam-sale wallet. After scouring the internet, witnessing the best and the truly awful, I... Continue Reading →

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