Dead Island 2 Back In Production

Story-news time! Back in 2010, when my GCSE-sized bank account was far smaller than my gaming appetite, my sister took one for the team and shelled out for a PlayStation 3 console. I was ecstatic, and ran out to buy the first second hand game I could find. In what turned out to be one... Continue Reading →

The ‘Wide Linear’ World of Uncharted 4

With the Uncharted 4 release date coming up next month, developers gave many an opportunity to try out the gameplay at an event last week. The results are in, and it seems the final title in the series employs some new elements and untrodden territory. The phrase "wide linear" is being tossed around Naughty Dog studios at... Continue Reading →

Remasters Run the Video Game Industry

Resident Evil 6 has just become available on PS4. It's a graphical upgrade that also includes all maps and DLC from the original PS3 version as well as a new "No Mercy" hardcore mode for PC. The title comes in a stream of Resident Evil remasters that we're very much in the centre of. The games have seen... Continue Reading →

The History and Controversy of Hitman

Today saw the release of the first episode of Hitman, the sixth entry into the now-infamous Hitman series to be released on a monthly basis. It's been a few years since a new Hitman game has graced our downloads screen, and the overall run on the series has seen its fair share of controversy since its dawn in 2000. Here, we... Continue Reading →

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