Should You Buy A PS4 Pro?

Sony introduced the world to their 4K PS4 Pro last night at a meeting in New York. It's fair to say at this point that the PS4 Slim is one for those who haven't yet made the fourth generation leap, offering the same brains as the classic PS4 but in a more table friendly shell.... Continue Reading →

Tables Turning on Sony?

Sony's PlayStation 4 has been dominating the console market since their shaming of Microsoft's Xbox One at E3 2013. While Microsoft were humiliated for their money-grabbing, anti-consumer initial Xbox One ideas, Sony were praised for their classically simple system that just did good games well. The¬†announcement of the PS4K, or Neo, has quickly shattered that... Continue Reading →

Opinion: Is PS4K A Ploy To Sell TVs?

  I read an article on Forbes this morning asserting the notion that the upcoming PS4 console, PS4K (or NEO), is in development to help Sony out with their television division. I saw the headline, disregarded it as a conspiracy theory, but read on nevertheless. In light of the recent leakage of PS4K specs and... Continue Reading →

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