14 PS Vita Titles To Look Out For In 2017

Valkyria Revolution When: 19th January 2017 Who: Media.Vision What: Action RPG Why: The sick pleasure of perma-death - but only safe in the knowledge you can keep playing after A Rose In The Twilight When: 11th April 2017 Who: Nippon Ichi Software What: Puzzle Platformer Why: Take control of colour and time by absorbing blood and... Continue Reading →

2 Step PS4 Verification Just Around The Corner

News hit today that Sony will be rolling out its 2-step verification process across PS4 systems in Australia and New Zealand some time tonight. A Sony support worker detailed the security improvements, announcing that after implementation in Australia and NZ, the move will spread to more regions. A 2-step verification has been on the cards... Continue Reading →

Weekly Review! (11/12)

The week's video game happenings and announcements summed up in one helpful list, never be out of the loop again! Saturday 5th December - Sony PSX 2015 Keynote Sony have truly covered their bases with their PSX 2015 Keynote which took place on Saturday. Showing off their plans for 2016, experiences range from the new... Continue Reading →

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