Batman Arkham VR Will Last 2.5 Hours

Batman Arkham VR has become possibly one of the most anticipated PSVR launch day titles since its surprise reveal during Sony's E3 keynote this year. The $20 virtual reality side-experience will see players don the cowl and become one of the most exciting superhero figures of our generation - for about an hour. See Also: "Every... Continue Reading →

Every October 13th PSVR Release

Hiding behind Eve: Valkyrie and Eagle Flight are a series of games many would have heard of, and many wouldn't have. Whether you've been holding onto your preorder receipt for months, or holding out to see the launch lineup, we've got you covered on PSVR day one titles. From pro golf robots to combat basketball robots, to robotic rhythm... Continue Reading →

Indie VR Spotlight: Dead Bug Creek

"Discover clues, party with some dead guys and learn the secrets of Dead Bug Creek" boasts this free roaming adventure VR title's website. Based on developer and artist Ashley Pinnick's own experience growing up in the deserted depths of Arizona, Dead Bug Creek positions you as an alien explorer, allowing you to roam the heavily stylised landscapes... Continue Reading →

PSVR Cinematic Mode: Explained

Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan have just released a blog post detailing some new features of the PSVR system. It speaks of a 'cinematic mode' in which non-VR PS4 releases can be viewed through the headset on a massive scale. Offering three screen sizes suggests that this feature is geared towards several different uses. The small... Continue Reading →

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