EA Opens Up On Free Titanfall 2 DLC

Following a call to investors after releasing an earning's report, EA has been asked to provide some feedback on some of its strange Titanfall 2 activity. We were told early on in the development process that the heavily anticipated sequel to the fast-paced multiplayer shooter would include free season passes to all future DLC and maps. While... Continue Reading →

EA Access Not Including Titanfall 2… Here’s Why

News broke today via GameReactor, that Titanfall 2 will not fall under the EA Access bracket. The subscription service for EA customers usually provides early gameplay opportunities, discounts, and trials on its new EA releases, however Titanfall 2 players apparently won't be so lucky. Developers Respawn Entertainment offered no explanation for the move, but it's easy to see where... Continue Reading →

Titanfall 2 Trailer Hits – Promises Swords

The first Titanfall 2 trailer was released this morning, and less than a second of footage is sending fans of the original into a frenzy. Though the original game received generally positive reviews, there were a startlingly large number of fans who felt let down (again) by EA in this Xbox exclusive. The pay-walls, supposed lack of... Continue Reading →

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