Musings’ Best Indie Games of 2016

We love a good indie over here at Musings, and we love nothing more than sharing our top titles with you lot. So without further ado, here is a list of the top 5 Indie titles that kept our thumbs twitching in 2016. 5. Cluster Truck I actually wrote about ClusterTruck for ThatVideoGameBlog, but I enjoyed my... Continue Reading →

Samorost 3 Review

If the first two Samorost titles were the rocks holding the series together, the third is the diamond they've created. Indie Czech developer Amanita Design has advanced the quality of its series immeasurably with the release of the third instalment on Steam. With a mesmerising art style, hauntingly beautiful soundtrack, and a relaxed but empowering gameplay system,... Continue Reading →

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