14 PS Vita Titles To Look Out For In 2017

Valkyria Revolution When: 19th January 2017 Who: Media.Vision What: Action RPG Why: The sick pleasure of perma-death - but only safe in the knowledge you can keep playing after A Rose In The Twilight When: 11th April 2017 Who: Nippon Ichi Software What: Puzzle Platformer Why: Take control of colour and time by absorbing blood and... Continue Reading →

Everything You Need To Know Before PSX 2016 Kicks Off

Today marks the beginning of Sony's PlayStation Experience extravaganza. The annual Sony event that sees fans and industry names come together to celebrate everything PlayStation. PlayStation Showcase - Keynote Saturday kicks off with the PlayStation Showcase, beginning at 10am Pacific Time (18:00 GMT). Announcements and reveals will come thick and fast, and we'll also get to... Continue Reading →

The First Copy of The Last Guardian Exists

A tweet posted yesterday shows developer Fumito Ueda posing with the first hard copy of The Last Guardian to exist. Though he looks calm and relaxed, it's easy to project just how much relief is in this picture, as The Last Guardian nears the end of its 7 year development period. Following in the footsteps of Shadow of the Colossus and Ico, The Last Guardian went... Continue Reading →

GAME UK Charging For PSVR Demo

UK-based games retailer GAME has taken an interesting approach to poaching people into PSVR - by ripping them off. Whereas across the pond you can step into a Best Buy and slip a headset on to demo the tech before making that hefty purchase, here in the UK you'll have to get your wallet out for... Continue Reading →

Batman Arkham VR Will Last 2.5 Hours

Batman Arkham VR has become possibly one of the most anticipated PSVR launch day titles since its surprise reveal during Sony's E3 keynote this year. The $20 virtual reality side-experience will see players don the cowl and become one of the most exciting superhero figures of our generation - for about an hour. See Also: "Every... Continue Reading →

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