Mass Effect Andromeda Release Date: March 21 2017

Mass Effect: Andromeda will be releasing in North America on Tuesday March 21st according to a new post from the team. The news comes following the game's CES keynote yesterday, alongside a new trailer (see below) to get fans rallied for the upcoming release date. In the post, the devs detail how Andromeda is the most ambitious Mass Effect title to... Continue Reading →

New Death Stranding Trailer – don’t worry we have no idea either

Death Stranding is Kojima's first solo project since he left Konami and it represents the bizarre idiosyncrasies that can accompany a free reign in creative game development. The new trailer forgets Reedus' creepy naked character in favour of another unnamed figure walking into shadowed tunnel. Surrounded by tanks and soldiers, that strange oily gunk makes... Continue Reading →

Battlefield 1 Trailer First Look

Update: Trailer Added Battlefield 1 trailer lands, explodes, lands again. DICE just premiered their trailer for upcoming game Battlefield 1. After on-stage promises from developers that the game is going to "break new ground again", the lights finally dimmed. Set to the driving riff of Seven Nation Army, the trailer begins with a horseback charge. Not exactly... Continue Reading →

Titanfall 2 Trailer Hits – Promises Swords

The first Titanfall 2 trailer was released this morning, and less than a second of footage is sending fans of the original into a frenzy. Though the original game received generally positive reviews, there were a startlingly large number of fans who felt let down (again) by EA in this Xbox exclusive. The pay-walls, supposed lack of... Continue Reading →

New Star Fox Zero Trailer Released

Nintendo have been roaring hype for the new Star Fox Zero title on WiiU by pumping trailers into the worlds. In the latest 6 minute long gameplay introduction, fans are formally introduced to many aspects of the game that we already kind of knew about, but hadn't yet seen with our own eyes. The stand-out example of... Continue Reading →

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