Ubisoft Holding Off On Assassin’s Creed

I know I was certainly disappointed when Ubisoft announced their annual game release schedule earlier this year. After the catastrophe of Unity, a yearly release would push for more unfinished titles shunted forward for the sake of the deadline. It would also mean more hard-earned cash heading straight into Ubisoft's pockets for these lesser games. See Also:... Continue Reading →

How To Score A Free Copy of Trials of the Blood Dragon

Ubisoft have merged their motorbike plaformer Trials with their comic first person shooter spin-off Far Cry: Blood Dragon to create a neon-biker fusion. Revealed at E3, Trials of the Blood Dragon lifted many a wry smile from spectators with its tongue in cheek ad and 80s inspired campaign. Continuing their crusade into the whimsical, Ubisoft have announced that when the demo drops... Continue Reading →

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