Your PS Plus Free Games For December 2016

There's nothing like unwrapping a spanking new game on Christmas day, well maybe apart from downloading some spanking new games three weeks before the holiday climax. PlayStation have you sorted for sneaking off to boot up your system in avoidance of those pesky relatives that always seem to emerge this time of year. From devastating... Continue Reading →

Hue Comes to PS4, Vita, Xbox One, and PC This Month

A few months ago we interviewed Dan Da Rocha, one of the creative minds behind out-of-university independent video game developing team Fiddlesticks. Having previously wiped the floor with puzzler Q.U.B.E, they're back with colour-manipulating puzzle platformer Hue.  Playing as titular character Hue, players must seek their lost mother in a grayscale world while learning to master the mysterious... Continue Reading →

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