Nintendo Speak Up About VR Research

While Microsoft have stayed relatively quiet on the topic on virtual reality when compared to the PC market and Sony, they still have the HoloLens on the horizon and a new console to support the technology. Nintendo however, have been completely silent on their management of the VR revolution. It's not uncharacteristic, the only thing... Continue Reading →

Big Names Jumping on the Mighty No. 9 Hate Wagon

We were all wary of Mighty No. 9's release, none more so than those who initially backed the ill-fated Kickstarter project from Keiji Inafune. So when the title actually launched on Monday, the underwhelmed responses didn't come as a surprise. What is surprising though, is the seemingly universal backlash to the platformer from all angles, in and... Continue Reading →

Is Nintendo Spreading Itself Too Thin With NX?

Yesterday, Digitimes reported that Nintendo has pushed their NX manufacture back from the initial mid-2016 date. Their new console is now set to go into production in early 2017, which will be pushing their intended March release date. But why have Nintendo taken these extra few months to finalise plans? They argue it's for virtual... Continue Reading →

Nintendo NX To Use Cartridges?

In another NX rumour spawned by the painful silence on Nintendo's end, it has come to light that the company may be reverting to their glory days and bringing the cartridge back into fashion. Macronix manufactures Nintendo's 3DS cartridges, and in a recent publication of their financial statements, it has come to light that they... Continue Reading →

Super Meat Boy Coming to Wii U This Month

A good five or six years after attempts to bring indie cult favourite Super Meat Boy to Nintendo Wii, the game is finally seeing the light of day on a Nintendo platform. Releasing May 12th, Team Meat's iconic platformer will grace the Wii U eShop at a discounted price of $14 (until May 26th). The title was... Continue Reading →

Jotun Coming to Consoles This Summer

Jotun hit the indie market last year in an axe-wielding frenzy of Nordic legend. Initially released on Steam by developers Thunder Lotus, this hand-drawn beauty is has been cleared for a summer release on Xbox One, PS4, and Wii U. You can read my November 2015 review of the Steam release over at That Video... Continue Reading →

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